Unlucky Charms.

by trivialmtb



Ben Reid is a dapper stud, capable of charming the pants right off your girl with little more than a wink and a smile. Then he’ll make tea for you, and you won’t even be mad.

One of the world’s great unsung injustices is the alarming absence of Ben Reid on the podium at world cups. There’s a documentary project for any of you bike videographer wannabees. You could have the Kony 2012 video of this year: Reid 2013. Just don’t blow your credibility jacking it in public like that Kony guy did.

This “test edit” from Lawlor’s shooting with Ben at Pila somehow didn’t make it into the release version for 3 Minute Gaps. It’s hard to imagine how this test ended up on the digital floor of the cutting room since it matched the vibe and mood of the rest of that movie so impeccably.

jay kay not it didnt

It’s on 2013, try and come up with a better downhill video than that right there.