by trivialmtb



I’m going to go ahead and put this on the table: Brendan Fairclough is the best bike rider on the world cup circuit.

Now obviously not by the numbers and results sheets because he’s had some tough times with injuries and all that. But when it comes to watching him ride sections of a track during practice, you’ll have a hard time finding someone who makes it look better and look like more unfettered fun. Maybe Gwin plows through faster, Greg pedals with five more horsepower, and 15-25 other dudes come across the line with a better time for the whole track.

But Fairclough, a section at a time during practice, is God’s gift to downhill. The reason this doesn’t translate to the results sheet is because there is no God and therefore, He giveth no gifts.

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We hope that Brendawwg is healthy this year because we are getting mighty sick of him not being a world cup winner. Of course, he’ll have to spend his off season smashing road miles instead of smashing poon to get this done.