Hater Check.

by trivialmtb



So those classy cybernetic chaps over at Team Robot finally got tired of people bugging them with links to this stupid blog, and they addressed something important. In their recent post, which nearly crashed our computer taking up all 8 gigs of ram with text (that’s a lot of text), they did something that needs to be done: They called us out on some shit.


Number One, I order you to go take a number two.

Number 1, I order you to go take a number 2.

That’s right, bagging on a new TLD product for looking tacky is more of a personal opinion than a blog worthy post. Sort of like, “These farts smell bad.” It’s just not news. So Team Robot calling us out on a weak bit like that is appreciated. The police have Internal Affairs for a reason- but less serious because really, this is just a stupid bike blog on the internet that we never promoted, and not to mention, up until a week ago, had a total of like 16 total visitors, 14 of which were probably web randos looking for who Taylor Swift was dating that day.

As for all the forum riff-raff and people saying that Trivial is copying Team Robot- yeah, you’re god damn right we are. It’s fun as shit. You should try it! We are also copying a thousand other things just like they are- just like everyone doing anything, ever.

And they touched on it in about chapter 6 of that epic post that there’s not exactly that much stuff to hate on in a podunk sport like mountain biking. Sure you can be wistful about Alex Rankin’s videos, make fun of wheel sizes, and point out that Brian Lopes shirtlessly parks his Sprinter over 9 spots, but then the well is just about dry.

So in the end, domo arigato Mr. Roboto, the staff at TrivialMTB thanks you for being programed to be such gentlemen about the matter, and also for following protocol in regards to calling shanangins on us the same as you would anyone else in this stupid sport. We respectfully bow to you today. We’ll save getting on our knees and begging for mercy for the machine uprising, date to be determined.