Expectations Vs Reality: Winter Riding.

by trivialmtb


What you think shredding during the winter will be:


What “shredding” in the winter actually is:

5216490480a10090336297l“Oh no. There was a little snow so I fell over.”

Unless you have a badass snow bike and you better hope to shit that you never crash it because high siding with some of these knobs would probably result in bleeding out before you even have the chance to freeze to death.



But more than likely, this is what riding in the winter looks like for you because you’re:

  • (A) a weirdo
  • (B) have panties on your head
  • (C) have bruised up knees from god knows what
  • (D) are freaking out the other kids just trying to have fun
  • (E) all of the above.