We Are Not Team Robot.

by trivialmtb



Just to clear things up- we are totally not Team Bro-bot. Those guys are programed on another level:




Totally superior in every way.

But seriously, those guys will drink your milkshake without any regard to what the liquids may do to their systems.

bro-bot milkshake



You simple minded forum jockeys should probably know that the Brobots are not the only fans of Alex Rankin still left walking this stupid planet. And the whole “Your Team” game was invented long before printed circuit boards allowed for the construction of complex robots.

And if you don’t like what we have to say, then you have the whole rest of the internet to read before you sit down to an exciting meal at your local Chili’s. I’m sure there’s plenty of websites out there with fuzzy backgrounds that will coddle you, and give you advice on which tires will help you skid your way (straight up and down) through a turn, and won’t harsh your epic all mountain mellow, braah. Might I suggest that you start with Lemon Party?