And The Oscar Goes To…

by trivialmtb


Sam Hill for his performance in “Oh, I was just sitting here drinking a Monster when, unexpectedly, the delivery service knocked and dropped off my new Nu-cu-lar Proof bike.”

All joking aside from the last post regarding Sam Hill moving to CRC, we’re glad to see him back to being healthy and the prospect of seeing Hill smash stuff again is pretty sweet. If he has to ride for Wal-Mart, then so be it.

Go ahead and push play, then immediately push mute, and then skip forward to 4:04 into the video and watch that clip about a dozen times. Then change your pants because they are full of poop.

Then continue to not shop at CRC and buy shit for a few bucks more from your local bike shop because we’re pretty sure they are the ones who are going to bail your ass out and chase your BB threads or press in your headset or whatever when you’re in a pinch to build up a bike the day before you’re leaving for a race.