Chain Reactions.

by trivialmtb


Alright, so if this is true….

sam hill crc

… Then I can’t help but picture Sam Hill inside one of those telephone booth sized things with the fans in the floor that blow around a bunch of money around in the chamber and you have to frantically try and catch the bills out of the air for thirty seconds. Basically, going to Chain Reaction seems like a money grab.

Chain Reaction sucks for the cycling industry worldwide and while it’s swell that people like Matt Simmonds get to ride world cups on their nickel (or pence, or whatever they have in the UK), the whole rest of the business sucks souls. And if Hill went from just a couple years ago, testing a ton of different frames and picking the one that he felt would get him the most wins, to just saying fuck it and riding a Transition Nukeproof, then I guess we might as well forget about seeing him ride like 2006-7 Hill ever again.

Whatever, he has a kid to feed and I guess none of this really matters, the guy has to make money while he can.

On a side note, that Monster green is going to look really good with the blue/yellow of CRC… not.