Purveyor Of Good Taste.

by trivialmtb


Hey. Now that the world didn’t end, let’s take a minute and think back on how much good Alex Rankin did for mountain bikers that came up watching his videos, whether it was Sprung or Earthed. Take a stroll down memory lane with me, won’t you?

Here are things Alex Rankin showed youngsters are cool:

  • -Riding your bike really fast, obviously.
  • -Slow-mo-ing almost exclusively on exceptional saves and fleeting moments of extremely good bike handling, not every fucking thing.
  • -Go-karting.
  • -Riding 50s like a jackass.
  • -Building shit whether it was dirt jumps, berms, or kickers made out of garbage.
  • -Drinking sometimes heavily but surrounded by friends.
  • -Fans going bonkers.
  • -Classic rock and the history of British punk music (the clear exception to this was when he used that Eski-boi dog shit for Brayton’s section).
  • -You can hand hold and fast pan your way through a video and a tripod has its place. Jibs, dollies, sliders, steadicams, and all that are for the birds until you get the basics sorted out.
  • -Not everything has to be EPIC. In fact, most things are not.
  • -Sometimes the best riders to shoot with are not that fast on the results sheets (think Reid, Vink, etc).
  • -You should have some god damn fun already.

Thanks Alex Rankin. You’re a true hero and purveyor of good taste. With kids these days coming up with modern bike videos, here’s what they have to look up to:

  • -Feeling it, bro.
  • -Dubstep.
  • -Canadian kickouts.
  • -Everything in 300 FPS.
  • -Everything is epic and should be backed by 6 minutes of straight crescendo.
  • -Helmet cams.
  • -DSLRs mounted on stupid contraptions to move them in a shaky, shitty fashion.
  • -Training montages.


We miss you, Mr. Rankin.