Why So Serious?

by trivialmtb


Yo dawg, I heard you like helicopter shots, so we put a helicopter higher in the sky so you could shoot your helicopter while you’re shooting from your other helicopter… that’s a good use of production budget.


And what’s the deal with this teaser shit? If the teaser gets a million views, then they will release a trailer? Cool, it’s up to 301 views as of when we just watched it. Fast track to success!

Who gives a shit? If you’re going to tease, then trail, then just have your movie ripped to the web an hour after it goes on sale, why not just put the whole stupid movie on the web when it’s good and ready to never make you any money? There better be a lot of epic build up dub-womp to Phantom Dick-Flex mega-slow-mo in this movie because that’s what mountain biking really needs to return to.