Going Pro.

by trivialmtb

If you want to make damn sure that a photo of you riding your bike never appears in a professional media outlet, just go ahead and attach a big, awkward looking plastic block to the side or top of your head. Few things are worse than seeing someone killing it on their bike and then they’ve got this vestigial appendage dangling off their dome. Disgusting. That would be like watching Greg Minnaar racing dual slalom at Sea Otter with a Camelbak on, which has never happened. Or like having to see Brian Lopes not wear a shirt because it’s over 50 degrees and their is still some ambient light left in the sky, which has also never happened.

And do you really need to go “pro” and do you really think that uploading a shitty helmet cam run from your Cat 1 practice run is going to facilitate your goal of going pro? The pro life really isn’t that glamorous. Higher entry fees, often no pro payout that would even cover your gas to get to a race, being expected to produce results… how about if you just stayed in the suck-class and had some fleeting moments of fun instead?

Worse are the “media” that use go-pros as anything more than C-cams. How many more 16 year olds are going to have to get run over because they stuck their go-pro-on-a-pvc-pole into the course trying to get the shot that will get them their big break? A big break which will probably just be undercutting someone else who does better work and needs the respectable paycheck to feed their family.

No one gives a shit about mountain biking anyways so you might as well try going pro at being stupid:

Go Pro ain’t no dummies. They would be glad to make a few more million dollars off you removing yourself from the gene pool.