You’re Still Here?

by trivialmtb


Yeah, so the FroRiders were important to the development of more aggressive mountain biking styles back in 1997 and that’s cool. But last time I checked, which was today, that was 15 years ago.

Like a sadly sober Lou Reed, making god-knows-what-the-fuck kind of shameful “music” with an equally has-been’ed Metallica, Richie Schley can be seen in this video, hyping up an ugly helmet from a company that I’m not even sure exists in North America with his classic “style” of turn-bar lean-bike Schleyble-top airs, that even by Richie Schley standards are kind of lazy in this video.

Combine that with the minimal effort of shooting at that same tired ass Laguna trail and you might have a project whose efforts make a sober Lou Reed look like a heroin soaked mess, and enter the realm of former New York Dolls ripper David Johansen stooping to Buster Poindexter lows to cash in on a few sad dollars.

Ugh. There’s something to be said for bowing out gracefully.