Cheese and Wine

by trivialmtb

There’s a certain photographer on the world cup scene that may be (at least) bi-polar and possibly needs medical attention. I’d like to keep his identity private so I’ll refer to him as F Briton. No wait, that’s too obvious. Fraser B. We’ll call him that.

Anyway, he may have split personalities based on his status updates.

It’s either something like this post which shows he is totally unappreciative of his chosen lifestyle while sneaking in the tacit reminder that his life is still better than yours: “Packing for 3 weeks in Europe, where it’s apparently snowing. Awesome. #notimpressedwithmothernature”

Or it’s a post that is supposed to make him look more baller than he really is: “Drowning in a pile of receipts. If you don’t hear from me by 12:01 tonight, send help.”

Couldn’t just be pumped on three weeks in Europe? Couldn’t just be happy that your “office” is a place where it might be snowing because it’s up in some epic mountains? Couldn’t just say you’re having a busy day of work just like everyone else in the world that has a job?

If you need help, they have drugs that can treat disorders like schizophrenia, they have therapy that can help ease a super-inflated ego, and they even have height enhancement surgeries to help with your dwarfism. Seek help Fraser B, it’s out there!

Oh and hashtags don’t do anything on facebook.