Part Time Medicine Man.

by trivialmtb

Mountain biking takes place in the mountains (unless you’re one of those “urban freerider” people who can’t just get honest and ride a bmx bike). And what are mountains made of?


A million sharp, stupid rocks.

What’s weaker than rocks?

Everything. Including human skin.

Further proof that this sport can be pretty dumb.

So these bandages come with a little direction slip, that I finally got around to reading three days after using the product, and on that it says in big, bold type: “Dressing should not be used in place of stitches or to hold wound edges together” … Well guess what 3M? That’s exactly what I’m using the dressing in place of and to do. Shit’s working out fine so far. Guess I’ll take up medicine as a part time practice. Free medical advice replies to comments on this post for the next, oh, until I’m bored, we’ll say.