Keeping It Simple.

by trivialmtb


If there’s two things you can take away from the movie Contact, it’s that Carl Sagan is smarter than you or I will ever be, and that Occam’s razor works. The simplest solution is overwhelmingly often the best solution.

With that in mind, it’s time to revisit the Ibis Tranny, a bike named after a part of a dirt jump, yet built for riding XC. It couldn’t be named the Transition because there’s a whole other bike company named that. It couldn’t be named something like the “Bow Ti” because Ibis already did that 14 years ago and this bike isn’t titanium. It couldn’t be called the Drag Queen because Ru Paul’s tv show would have sued them. It couldn’t be called the Cross Dressing Penis Tucker Backer or The Buffalo Bill because through consumer focus groups, they found that the threat of it keeping you in a pit in its basement would drive people to another brand. So whatever, call it the Tranny and give one to Brian Lopes.


Why is the back end of the bike bolted on? Why would you make something two pieces when making it one piece is stiffer, lighter, stronger, and better (Occam’s razor?).

Oh, so that all 2 of you who bought the frame (out of 14 total?) can dial in chain tension with what is essentially a penis-tucking-back-system.

Got it.

That surely works way better than eccentric bottom brackets or just swappable dropouts for horizontal ones.

On the plus side, Ibis went a step further than replaceable derailleur hangers and just included a much more practical and economical replaceable rear triangle.

Occam’s Razor!