All The Way To The Bank

by trivialmtb

Here’s the bike Brian Lopes is using to cash a few more paychecks in the late August of his career in the really-super-fun-to-watch XC Eliminator world cup format. (Italicized for sarcasm)

Now I’m not going to tell another company what to do with their money. If they want to blow it on Brian Lopes so that he can use that hard earned money to give something back to the sport by purchasing shovels and building trails… well, wait… no – I mean so that he can pay for hormone therapy to get his voice an octave lower, that’s their business.

But there are a lot of up and coming pro riders out there who could certainly use the help of these second or third tier companies to advance their budding careers in racing and I’m sure their product feedback and development input would be more useful than the possibility of a Mountain Bike Action bike check shot with a shirtless Lopes next to the scum pond at Sea Otter and all those little arrows that tell you what product it goes to. I want these companies to succeed. It would be great if Magura made respectable brakes, Novatec made wheels that weren’t just spec’ed as OEM on cheap dirt jumpers, X-Fusion could make a single product that just one person would pay retail for, Kenda would make a tire that doesn’t just immediately get torn off a bike and sold to chump kids, and KS would be treated with respect for making a decent post regardless of what half naked leach rides it in a race format that no one will ever care about.

Also, the model name for that Ibis frame is the Tranny. Come on. I know you guys meant it to be like the transition of a jump or landing but when you throw it between the legs of a feisty little Napoleon-complex-having scrounger it conjures up imagery like this: