Things That Are Cooler Than 99% of Mountain Biking

by trivialmtb

This will be an on-going list. A work in progress that will never end since oh-so-many things are cooler than just about all of mountain biking.

To be clear, there is about 1% of mountain biking that is not completely nerded out dipshitery. The odds of quantum mechanics will eventually produce a fleeting flash of existence of cool in mountain biking that will make a mountain biker nearly as respectable as this:

And subsequently able to attract the attention of one of these:

But due to the nature of this delicate quantum state, the moment probably won’t last long.

Here’s proof that this seemingly fragile state is easily sustained in other arenas for up to three straight minutes, ladies and gentlemen (just kidding, no ladies would ever read this), we present to you, Tate Roskelley making a damn fool out of just about every MTB Street rider in existence with some of the finest trespassing ever recorded.

Your mountain biking balls can’t even begin to…